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Wild winds provoking weather warning

5 July 2013
By Coleman Levin
Wild winds provoking weather warning

After yesterday’s violent winds, the State Emergency Service is urging drivers to be careful on the roads and watch out for hazards such as fallen trees.

The wind speed for Melbourne was 41km/h with gusts of wind reaching up to 80km/h, making the 10.4 degree morning feel a lot more like a 1.3 degree morning.

The Emergency Service has already had roughly 75 requests for help across Victoria, most of which were about fallen trees.

It is believed that the winds will continue over the next few days, only growing more fierce.

Senior forecaster Terry Ryan said that a strong wind warning had been released by the Bureau of Meteorology for certain areas, the worst being on Thursday night in mountain regions including the Dandenong Ranges where there were gusts of wind up to 120km/h.

Bayside areas such as Frankston, Geelong and the Peninsula were also badly effected.

Ryan said that “it’s a bit more wind than we would normally get, [for winter]”, also saying these strong winds are more typical to spring weather.

The State Emergency Service advises that in windy conditions like this, vehicles should be moved away from trees and under cover if possible. Loose items on balconies, lawns, or around homes should be put away or secured to avoid losing them or damage. People should stay clear of fallen power lines.


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