Tips for Keeping Cool Throughout the Summer

Published on Jan 30, 2018 by Coleman Levin

The Melbourne summer can heat up quite a bit, with the mercury rising to over 40 in some areas. The heatwaves can keep the need for sunscreen pretty much there throughout the season, with one hot day blurring into the next. Here are a few simple tips to keep you cool at home and when you step outdoors.

Stay hydrated with enough water

Ensure that you have plenty of water and electrolytes to keep your body replenished as the intense sunrays can make you more dehydrated than usual. Extreme dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and even heat stroke in some cases.

Turn off unnecessary electric devices

From TVs to computers, all electric devices emit heat when in use, but even on standby! Whenever you’re not using a gadget, turn it off to avoid the unnecessary heat from making the room stuffy.

Maintaining airflow

Not having an air conditioner doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to keep your home cool during the summer. Proper ventilation by opening all your windows and doors when possible, will properly circulate the air throughout your home. A closed space can feel like an oven as the heat gets trapped inside.

Wear cotton

Cotton is indubitably a cosy material, and well-known for excellent ventilation. Wearing loose cotton clothes and using cotton linen at home will help you easily stay cool and comfortable.

Shade yourself from the sun

It’s easy to use an umbrella if you’re outside, but how do you keep the sun’s blistering rays from heating up your indoor space? Blackout shades can do the job and shield your room while insulating the cool air within, so you can enjoy and keep the heat at bay.

Using the air conditioner properly

Your air conditioner is the best way to forget about the summer outside, but it’s best to do so without raking up the electricity bill. Setting it at the correct temperature, early in the day, and making sure the compressor and filters are clean, will help you achieve this.

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