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25 years experience in installations, service and maintenance for heating and cooling requirements.

Carbon Monoxide, the silent killer.

Regular servicing of your heater is important! Don't risk the lives of your loved ones. Carbon Monoxide gas is a silent killer. Watch this video to find out why.

We are service and repair specialists

Services we offer:

  • Clean fan/motor blade
  • Clean pads
  • Clean base of unit
  • Check electrical for wear & tear
  • Test gas levels
  • Check drain
  • Check system for wear & tear
  • Check capacitor (metal/plastic)
  • Check pump is vented
  • Check duct work for wear & tear
  • Carbon Monoxide test
  • Clean fan
  • Clean sensor(s)
  • Clean burner
  • Clean/replace thermocouple
  • Clean/replace injector
  • Clean filter in return air grille
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check return air temperature
  • Check supply temperature

Why you need regular maintenance for your air conditioner

The majority of people underestimate the value of regular maintenance for their heating and cooling systems.

Channel 7 featured a news article recently on a family of four that barely escaped when their home caught fire because of the ducted heating system. This home has most likely not had a service carried out on their heater in the past two or more years.

The new R1 fire rated duct that Colbycool use in all heating and cooling systems, will not allow the ductwork to spread a fire throughout the whole house as had happened in the Camberwell home. We recommend that you have your heater/cooler/ air conditioner serviced annually to not only prevent your system from becoming a fire hazard but to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. You may have heard about the melbourne mother of two, who lost her two sons when they were poisoned with this silent killer. A heater that is not maintained correctly can emit high levels of carbon monoxide, which is a dangerous gas. When we service your heater, we will inform you of the CO level.

Regular servicing of your unit will:

  • Save you money on your energy bills
  • Increase the longevity of your unit
  • Ensure the unit is running at optimum performance
  • Avoid potential costly breakdowns

A Colbycool service will give you peace of mind knowing that your family is not at risk of potential health hazards that can occur from faulty units.

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