What is Humm?

Humm is Australia’s Bigger Buy Now Pay Later. That’s because with humm, you can shop not just the little things but the big things as well, up to $30,000 and pay it later – over up to 60 months – always interest free.

What are the set up fees and charges for Humm?

At humm, we do Buy Now Pay Later a little differently. Instead of just focusing on the little joys in life, we want to allow our customers to fund whatever they need, both big and little. This means we’ve split our product in two:

  • Little things for all of your purchases up to $2,000,
  • and Big things for those purchases all the way up to $30,000

They each have their own set of rules for approval, but no matter what, we never charge interest – ever.

Can I close my Account and are there any charges?

Once you’ve repaid your purchases in full, your account will become inactive with no more fees or charges to pay. If you would like to completely close your account, please call us on 1800 088 151.


  • To be over 18 years of age and be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • To be employed on a Full-Time basis working a minimum of 30 hours per week or be an Aged or Veteran’s Pensioner.
  • To have a bank account or credit card in your name with documentation showing proof of ownership i.e. bank statement – Sorry EFTPOS cards are not suitable as they cannot be debited.
  • To provide the required identification.
  • If goods or services are to be fitted or applied to a property or dwelling then you must be the owner of that domestic property or dwelling.
Humm Buy Now, Pay Later

Start Shopping in a Few Easy Steps

Step 1

Select your purchase from a participating retailer

Step 2

Complete the application providing required identification

Step 3

Provide your bank account or credit card details and pay for your deposit

Step 4

Have your application approved

Step 5

Confirm your order on the day!

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