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About Actron Air

ActronAir was established by Garry Mundy and his two sons, Robert and Kevin, in 1984. They started the company because they believed in ideas, not status quo, which is why you can see innovation at every stage of the company's history.

From advanced air flow technology, energy smart zoning, sound reduction and temperature control right through to the unique louvre grille of the outdoor units, there's innovation at every step of the way.

The company's head office and world class manufacturing plant covers more than two hectares and includes a state of the art Psychrometric Calorimeter testing room.The working knowledge vested in the company's principals, combined with 30 years of research and development, has resulted in one of the quietest, most energy efficient air conditioning systems in the world.

So whether it's product, improving operational efficiency, or delivering the best service support in the industry, you can be sure ActronAir will be first with market leading innovations.

Actron Air



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