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Police warn Victoria: Wet weather causing chaos on our roads

6 May 2013
By Coleman Levin
Car Accident

 Police are warning motorists in Victoria to be cautious on the roads while we are experiencing wet weather after 13 different cars were involved in 2 separate accidents in one day.

11 different cars were involved in a single accident last week in North Geelong. The accident was not far from an intersection on the Princes Highway. A lane was closed for almost two hours by police whilst they pieced together exactly what had happened.

Paramedics treated five patients and transported two women to Geelong Hospital with various problems and injuries to the face and neck.

Steve Allcock, Senior Station Officer at the CFA said that it was common for there to be collisions on the Princes Highway involving multiple cars, but never 11 cars in total with 9 of them damaged.

"We get quite a few nose to tails when people get impatient, especially in wet conditions," he said.

"But I've never been to one with nine damaged cars."

Only an hour earlier CFA and police were called to another collision between two cars and two people were treated for minor injuries as a result. CFA officer Andrew Shearer said they were lucky to escape with minor injuries, with one car being completely overturned from the impact.

With Victoria taking its fair share of rain over the past few days, Police are warning Victorians to please be extra careful in these wet conditions.




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