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We've hit the thirties and it's staying thirty

22 February 2013
By Coleman Levin
We've hit the thirties and it's staying thirty

"Don’t trust anyone over thirty." Jerry Rubin once said. Well perhaps we shouldn't trust temperatures over thirty either!

It's no secret that safety precautions should be taken when we are given severe and continual hot weather. Some of us enjoy high temperatures, whilst others long for winter; regardless of whether you love the hot or the cold you need to keep your health to its optimum standard during hot summer periods.

February is often the hottest month of the official summer season in Melbourne, so it is finally starting to really feel like summer. Although there was a cool start to the month, it's getting hot and staying hot. The next few days will remain in the thirties with temperatures dropping ever so slightly on Wednesday to 28C, which should bring those winter lovers some sort of relief!

This isn't the last of the hot weather so if you have no existing air conditioning, allow us to provide you with a free quotation for a new system. If you do have existing air conditioning make sure that your air conditioner has been serviced!

Give us a call on 9706 1444 and one of our friendly staff will assist you in booking you a service or installation.


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