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Office fire caused by faulty air conditioner

25 March 2013
By Coleman Levin
Melted Air Conditioning Unit

On Friday afternoon a fire occurred in the Information Technology department of an Electoral Commission office in Ghana. The fire was controlled and extinguished by staff before it got out of control and before the Ghana National Fire Service arrived.

The fire was caused by a spark in a faulty air conditioner on the ground floor of the office building and quickly expanded before staff put it out with fire extinguishers. Wreckage to the office was minimal and no one was injured, however some computers were damaged by the flames.

Incidents like this are not rare, fires caused by faulty air conditioners happen regularly worldwide. In fact there has been an increase in fires induced by air conditioners in Australia, causing Queensland's fire department to prompt warning after six air conditioner fires occurred in Queensland in the last month alone.

Wayne Weston, Northern Region Assistant Commissioner said, “This increase is a concern, so we’re reminding residents that electrical appliances, if not properly maintained, have the real potential to fail and cause a fire.”

It is crucial that you have both your heater and air conditioner serviced regularly in order to maintain safety in your home. Your system should be checked out annually, or every two years at the least. If you are not having regular services you could be at risk not only to fires but other problems such as carbon monoxide leakage, bacteria infestation, system failure, and extravagant energy bills.

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