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Experts Explain Why Having Air Conditioners in Melbourne is Advantageous as Temperatures Shift from Cold to Hot

18 November 2014
By Coleman Levin
Experts Explain Why Having Air Conditioners in Melbourne is Advantageous as Temperatures Shift from Cold to Hot
If you have lived anywhere near Melbourne, then you're already aware of how volatile and unpredictable the weather can be as the city adjusts from having cooler temperatures to warmer ones. There's the occasional thunderstorms and rain showers threatening to ruin everyone's day, followed by "summer-ish" temperatures on sunny days that can drop easily overnight and without warning. The weather is definitely becoming more unpredictable, especially during this of the year, and if you're going to ask the experts, they will tell you that this trend is expected to continue for more years to come.

Aside from ruining your day, constantly shifting temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns can be bad for your health, too. According to studies, it can be detrimental to your body, especially your respiratory system. Dr Aamerah Shah, a primary care specialist at the American Hospital Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, said sudden changes in temperature can dry your skin, the mucus membranes, and the eyes. In some cases, it can even cause eye infections, respiratory infections, and muscular spasms.

Sudden changes in temperatures can also be bad for those with existing medical conditions. It can exacerbate coronary heart diseases, vascular cardiac, vascular brain diseases, and peripheral vascular or artery and vein diseases. 

However, the months leading up to the season where Melburnians can finally relax and spend summer holidays are often riddled with sudden changes in temperatures. While this is inevitable, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't do anything about it. If you want temperatures to remain constant at least inside your home, you should consider installing air conditioners in Melbourne.

Air conditioning in Melbourne helps protect your body from the detrimental health effects of the city's ever-changing weather patterns. If you stay in a place where temperatures remain constant, you can avoid getting sick and suffering from allergies, dry eyes, and other health problems that can temporarily put you out of action.

However, if you're going to use your air conditioning unit, make sure that you don't make the mistake of lowering the temperatures too much. According to Dr Shah, as much as possible, keep your A/C temperatures at a constant 23 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Also, you should try to keep humidity levels at 60% to 70%. This will make you less prone to sickness. This will help ensure healthy living, too.

But before you go on your merry way to buy an A/C unit for your home, take note that you need professional help when it comes to installation. This should be left in the hands of experts, regardless of whether you want individual A/C units or a centralised cooling system in your home. Once installed, the air conditioning system must be maintained and cleaned regularly by professionals. Otherwise, accumulated dust and dirt particles in the unit might cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

Indeed, having an air conditioner or a reliable cooling system in your home is definitely a huge advantage as temperatures in Melbourne shifts from cold to hot. If you want to stay healthy amidst erratic weather conditions, be sure to contact Colbycool. We can provide you with efficient cooling systems that can help you stay cool and healthy.


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