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5 Ways to lower your heating bill

5 April 2013
By Coleman Levin
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With the colder weather kicking in it's time to brace yourself as a home owner for those harsh upcoming energy bills. But fear not! There are a few small steps you can take to reduce your energy bills in a big way. We have established a few ways in which you can start to save on your energy bill this winter.

1. Turn down the thermostat
For every degree you turn down your heater you can save about 3% on your heating bill. By turning down your thermostat when you leave the house and when you go to bed you can start lowering your bill quite dramatically.

2. Be careful with fan use
Bathroom and kitchen fans can be a lethal heat killer in your home. In just an hours usage of a hard working kitchen or bathroom they can expel a houseful of warm air. Make sure as soon as you've finished cooking or you're out of the shower you turn your fan off!

3. Keep vents clear!
Make sure that your heating vents aren't cut off, particularly if your vents are in the floor, don't have them blocked by rugs or furniture. This prevents air from circulating efficiently.

4. Use curtains
During the day having curtains open in the direction of the sun can help heat up your house. However when the sun isn't out it is best to have your curtains/blinds closed prevents heat from escaping from your house.

5. Have your system serviced
By having your heater serviced you can ensure that it is running efficiently. An un-serviced heater can often overwork itself trying to heat up your house, resulting in a higher energy bill. By having minor problems fixed you can make sure that you aren't paying more than you should be for running your heater.

Put these tips into action and you should see a difference in your upcoming energy bills.

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