Everyday Interest Free

The smarter way to pay for things you really want today. Manage your payments over time, without paying any interest during the interest free period.

Shop Online or in Store with Interest Free

You can now shop online every day, using your existing Gem Visa, GE CreditLine, Buyer’s Edge and GO MasterCard account or card number. It’s that easy! Or apply for a Gem Visa now and receive a response within 60 seconds and once approved start shopping right away.

We have 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months plans to suit your budget. Interest free promotions available online and in store available all year round.

The Smarter Way to Pay for Things You Really Want

At Colbycool, we offer a choice of repayment options, allowing you to choose the finance option that best suits your individual needs.

GE Money and Visa Gem Card

Start Shopping in a Few Easy Steps

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Apply now - It takes less than 5 minutes

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Get a response in less than 60 seconds

Step 3

Once approved, starts shopping

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