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The Classic range has a number of models across a wide range of capacities, suitable for any room in your home. With both cool only, and reverse cycle systems, and all models containing inverter technology, the Classic range is sure to have a model to suit your comfort needs.", "ALT text": "", "Title Text": "", "SEO Page Title": "", "SEO Meta Description": "" }, { "description": "Fujitsu Designer Range", "itemId": 1047059, "name": "Fujitsu Designer Range", "urlWithHost": "http://www.colbycool.com.au/literature-d/fujitsu-designer-range", "url": "/literature-d/fujitsu-designer-range", "releaseDate": "2018-01-15T00:00:00", "releaseDate_raw": "2018-01-14T23:00:00", "expiryDate": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "expiryDate_raw": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-27T10:29:36.65", "lastUpdateDate_raw": "2020-08-27T10:29:36.65", "counter": 3, "weight": null, "commentCount": 0, "editUrl": "/literature-d/fujitsu-designer-range?A=Edit", "isCustomerModule": false, "editParams": "", "edit": "", "deleteUrl": "/CustomContentProcess.aspx?CCID=12238&OID=1047059&A=Delete", "deleteParams": "", "delete": "", "Image Name": "Fujitsu Designer Range", "Image link": "/images/webapp_brands/Fujitsu/fujitsu-designer-range.jpg", "Image Label": "Fujitsu Designer Range", "PDF Link": "/Pdf/AUGUST 2020/FUJITSU/Fujitsu_Designer_Range_1047059.pdf", "Company Logo": "/images/colbycool-logo.jpg", "Image PDF icon": "/pdf/pdf.png", "Meta Title": "Fujitsu Designer Range | Colby Cool", "Meta Description": "Fujitsu’s Designer Range models are the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. With built-in features such as high efficiency DC componentry, high density multi-path heat exchangers, and programmable weekly timers, these air conditioners use less power than ever before. ", "ALT text": "", "Title Text": "", "SEO Page Title": "", "SEO Meta Description": "" }, { "description": "", "itemId": 1072763, "name": "Fujitsu Ducted Range", "urlWithHost": "http://www.colbycool.com.au/literature-d/fujitsu-ducted-range-brochure", "url": "/literature-d/fujitsu-ducted-range-brochure", "releaseDate": "2018-01-15T00:00:00", "releaseDate_raw": "2018-01-14T23:00:00", "expiryDate": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "expiryDate_raw": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-27T10:30:20.493", "lastUpdateDate_raw": "2020-08-27T10:30:20.493", "counter": 4, "weight": null, "commentCount": 0, "editUrl": "/literature-d/fujitsu-ducted-range-brochure?A=Edit", "isCustomerModule": false, "editParams": "", "edit": "", "deleteUrl": "/CustomContentProcess.aspx?CCID=12238&OID=1072763&A=Delete", "deleteParams": "", "delete": "", "Image Name": "Fujitsu Ducted Range", "Image link": "/images/webapp_brands/Fujitsu/2019/ducted-range.jpg", "Image Label": "Fujitsu Ducted Range", "PDF Link": "/Pdf/AUGUST 2020/FUJITSU/Fujitsu-Ducted_Range_1072763.pdf", "Company Logo": "/images/colbycool-logo.jpg", "Image PDF icon": "/pdf/pdf.png", "Meta Title": "Fujitsu Ducted Range", "Meta Description": "Fujitsu Ducted Range", "ALT text": "Fujitsu Ducted Range", "Title Text": "Fujitsu Ducted Range | Colby Cool", "SEO Page Title": "Fujitsu Ducted Range | Colby Cool", "SEO Meta Description": "Want to learn more about Fujitsu Ducted Range & it's product specifications? A detailed brochure can be browsed and downloaded from our website." }, { "description": "Fujitsu Floor and Dual Console", "itemId": 1215017, "name": "Fujitsu Floor and Dual Console", "urlWithHost": "http://www.colbycool.com.au/literature-d/fujitsu-floor-and-dual-console", "url": "/literature-d/fujitsu-floor-and-dual-console", "releaseDate": "2017-08-05T00:00:00", "releaseDate_raw": "2017-08-05T00:00:00", "expiryDate": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "expiryDate_raw": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-27T10:33:05.957", "lastUpdateDate_raw": "2020-08-27T10:33:05.957", "counter": 5, "weight": null, "commentCount": 0, "editUrl": "/literature-d/fujitsu-floor-and-dual-console?A=Edit", "isCustomerModule": false, "editParams": "", "edit": "", "deleteUrl": "/CustomContentProcess.aspx?CCID=12238&OID=1215017&A=Delete", "deleteParams": "", "delete": "", "Image Name": "Fujitsu Floor and Dual Console", "Image link": "/images/webapp_brands/Fujitsu/Fujitsu-FloorandDualConsole.png", "Image Label": "Fujitsu Floor and Dual Console", "PDF Link": "/Pdf/AUGUST 2020/FUJITSU/Fujitsu_Residential_CeilingFloorConsole.pdf", "Company Logo": "/images/colbycool-logo.jpg", "Image PDF icon": "/pdf/pdf.png", "Meta Title": "Fujitsu Floor and Dual Console | Colby Cool", "Meta Description": "Fujitsu Floor and Dual Console", "ALT text": "", "Title Text": "", "SEO Page Title": "", "SEO Meta Description": "" }, { "description": "\n \n Fujitsu Lifestyle Range | Colbycool\n\n \n \n Fujitsu Lifestyle Range\n \n", "itemId": 1233147, "name": "Fujitsu Lifestyle Range", "urlWithHost": "http://www.colbycool.com.au/literature-d/fujitsu-lifestyle-range", "url": "/literature-d/fujitsu-lifestyle-range", "releaseDate": "2018-01-15T00:00:00", "releaseDate_raw": "2018-01-14T23:00:00", "expiryDate": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "expiryDate_raw": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-27T10:34:19.673", "lastUpdateDate_raw": "2020-08-27T10:34:19.673", "counter": 6, "weight": null, "commentCount": 0, "editUrl": "/literature-d/fujitsu-lifestyle-range?A=Edit", "isCustomerModule": false, "editParams": "", "edit": "", "deleteUrl": "/CustomContentProcess.aspx?CCID=12238&OID=1233147&A=Delete", "deleteParams": "", "delete": "", "Image Name": "Fujitsu Lifestyle Range", "Image link": "/Pdf/AUGUST%202020/FUJITSU/Fujitsu-Lifestyle-Range-upd.jpg", "Image Label": "Fujitsu Lifestyle Range", "PDF Link": "Pdf/AUGUST 2020/FUJITSU/Fujitsu_LifestyleRange-1233147.pdf", "Company Logo": "/images/colbycool-logo.jpg", "Image PDF icon": "/pdf/pdf.png", "Meta Title": "", "Meta Description": "", "ALT text": "", "Title Text": "", "SEO Page Title": "Fujitsu Lifestyle Range | Colby Cool", "SEO Meta Description": "Want to learn more about the Fujitsu Lifestyle Range? A detailed brochure can be browsed and downloaded from our website. View our page today!", "contentholder_6": { "moduleName": "contentholder", "moduleDescriptor": { "templatePath": "", "parameters": "25222", "apiEndpoint": "/api/v3/contentholder", "objectType": 19, "objectId": -1, "adminUrl": "/Admin/ContentHolders_Detail.aspx?ContentHolderID=-1" }, "editableFieldTypes": { "id": "Id", "content": "Html" }, "id": -1, "name": "", "content": "" } }, { "description": "", "itemId": 1072765, "name": "Fujitsu Multi Split", "urlWithHost": "http://www.colbycool.com.au/literature-d/fujitsu-multi-split-brochure", "url": "/literature-d/fujitsu-multi-split-brochure", "releaseDate": "2018-01-15T00:00:00", "releaseDate_raw": "2018-01-14T23:00:00", "expiryDate": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "expiryDate_raw": "9999-01-01T00:00:00", "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-27T10:35:35.903", "lastUpdateDate_raw": "2020-08-27T10:35:35.903", "counter": 7, "weight": null, "commentCount": 0, "editUrl": "/literature-d/fujitsu-multi-split-brochure?A=Edit", "isCustomerModule": false, "editParams": "", "edit": "", "deleteUrl": "/CustomContentProcess.aspx?CCID=12238&OID=1072765&A=Delete", "deleteParams": "", "delete": "", "Image Name": "Fujitsu Multi Split ", "Image link": "/images/webapp_brands/Fujitsu/2019/multi-split.jpg", "Image Label": "Fujitsu Multi Split ", "PDF Link": "Pdf/AUGUST 2020/FUJITSU/Fujitsu-Multi_Split_Systems_1072765.pdf", "Company Logo": "/images/colbycool-logo.jpg", "Image PDF icon": "/pdf/pdf.png", "Meta Title": "Fujitsu Multi Split ", "Meta Description": "", "ALT text": "", "Title Text": "", "SEO Page Title": "", "SEO Meta Description": "" } ], "pagination": { "currentPage": 1, "itemsPerPage": 500, "numberOfPages": 1, "totalItemsCount": 7, "previousPageUrl": null, "nextPageUrl": null }, "params": { "id": "12238", "filter": "classified", "itemId": "49415", "collection": "downloads", "template": "" } }
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About Fujitsu

Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Limited is one of the leading suppliers of air conditioning products in Australia. The company's origins date back to the early seventies through a sales distribution company known as General Colour Pty Ltd, selling colour televisions. In 1980 we became a full subsidiary of the General Corporation in Japan and General Corporation Japan (Aust.) Pty Ltd was formed. This change saw the company expand into a number of different consumer electronics products such as air conditioners, televisions and refrigerators to name a few.

In Australia Fujitsu General enjoys the envious position as the number one supplier of air conditioning products to the Australian market. Hence our company slogan "Australia's Favourite Air". Over the last few years we have seen our air conditioning range expand rapidly and we now offer products to suit both domestic and commercial applications. We have offices and warehouse facilities established in all major capital cities around Australia servicing our retailer and dealer sales channels across the country.