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  • Maintenance Tips for Split Air Conditioning Systems

    30 Jan

    By Coleman Levin

    Maintenance Tips for Split Air Conditioning Systems

    Split air conditioning systems are widespread among Australian homes and offices. The ease of use and powerful air conditioning makes them a popular choice for all. During peak summer, your systems are working at peak performance to deliver relief from the rising mercury, which can get very hot in Melbourne especially.

    To ensure that your split ac unit remains at optimal performance across the rest of summer here are a few key tips to follow.

    Replacing filters regularly

    Filters are one of the most critical components of your air conditioner. They circulate and clean the air properly, hence need to be changed frequently. As a matter of fact, dirty filters can become a source of airborne bacteria to spread throughout your house. Changing the filters depends on how often you use your split system. Generally, once a month or once every 2 months is a safe thing to do. It’s also a healthy habit to follow by vacuuming any dust, cobwebs, and grime from the filter occasionally.

    Cleaning the compressor

    Your AC’s compressor plays the role of compressing low pressure and low volume gas to convert these into high pressure and high temperature as needed for cooling. Ensuring to clean the compressor frequently will enable better cooling and better, quality air. Oil specially designed for the ACs can be used for its longevity.

    Evaporator coils

    When air passes through the air conditioning system, an evaporator coil absorbs the heat to let cold air throughout the space. By replacing old evaporator coils, you can significantly improve air flow and air circulation inside your residential or office space.

    Turning off power supply during off-peak times

    During the summer, your usage is at its peak. But towards off periods like the end of the season or perhaps when you head off for holidays during the summers, you should shut off the power supply completely instead of just turning it off. Cutting off the power supply prevents the unit from using electricity when it’s not in use.

    Regular service

    Getting your split air conditioner serviced by experienced professionals will increase its longevity and keep it performing across many summers. Service only needs to be performed every few years, unless there are noticeable, major changes in its performance.

    Need professionals who really understand split systems? Get in touch with our experienced team at Colby Cool today for AC cleaning and maintenance services anywhere in Melbourne. Call us now on 03 9796 1444.

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  • Tips for Keeping Cool Throughout the Summer

    30 Jan

    By Coleman Levin

    Tips for Keeping Cool Throughout the Summer

    The Melbourne summer can heat up quite a bit, with the mercury rising to 40s in a few areas. The heatwaves can keep the need for sunscreen pretty much there throughout the season, with one hot day blurring into the next. Here are a few simple tips to keep you cool at home and when you step outdoors.

    Stay hydrated with enough water

    Ensure that you have plenty of water and electrolytes to keep your body replenished as the intense sunrays can make you more dehydrated than usual. Extreme dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and even heat stroke in some cases.

    Turn off unnecessary electric devices

    From TVs to computers, all electric devices emit heat when in use, but even on standby! Whenever you’re not using a gadget, turn it off to avoid the unnecessary heat from making the room stuffy.

    Maintaining airflow

    Not having an air conditioner doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to keep your home cool during the summer. Proper ventilation by opening all your windows and doors when possible, will properly circulate the air throughout your home. A closed space can feel like an oven as the heat gets trapped inside.

    Wear cotton

    Cotton is indubitably a cosy material, and well-known for excellent ventilation. Wearing loose cotton clothes and using cotton linen at home will help you easily stay cool and comfortable.

    Shade yourself from the sun

    It’s easy to use an umbrella if you’re outside, but how do you keep the sun’s blistering rays from heating up your indoor space? Blackout shades can do the job and shield your room while insulating the cool air within, so you can enjoy and keep the heat at bay.

    Using the air conditioner properly

    Your air conditioner is the best way to forget about the summer outside, but it’s best to do so without raking up the electricity bill. Setting it at the correct temperature, and making sure the compressor and filters are clean, will help you achieve this.

    Plan on keeping your cool throughout the sweltering summer? There’s no better way than with Colby Cool. Get in touch with an expert to install the perfect cooling for your Melbourne home. Call us now on 03 9796 1444 to find out more about our extensive range of reliable air conditioners.

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  • 3 Reasons Why You Need an Evaporative Cooling System

    04 Dec

    By Coleman Levin

    3 Reasons Why You Need an Evaporative Cooling System

    HVAC systems suck up about 40% of energy in residential and commercial buildings. Doesn't your home or business deserve better? Take a look at how professionals use evaporative cooling to cut costs and more.

    Evaporative systems are not complex in principle. They use the cooling properties of evaporating water. As water converts to gas, it burns its heat as energy.

    The result is cooler water vapor.

    It's simple. And yet, it's being used to cool the most advanced data centers in the world.

    These systems have dozens of other commercial applications as well.

    Facilities such as loading docks and greenhouses have been using these systems for years. They've proven to be dependable and low maintenance solutions. They're environmentally friendly, inside and out.

    Their commercial success is your benefit. Interested in an effective and affordable way to cool your home?

    Let's go over the benefits.

    Adopt an Evaporative Cooling System for Your Home

    Whether you're constructing a home or updating a home of your own, there are three key reasons to adopt this technology. We'll compare evaporative systems with standard HVAC systems.

    You'll understand the benefits along the way.

    1. You Will Save a Lot of Money

    Saving money is the most practical benefit. It uses far less electricity than an HVAC system. If HVAC systems use 40% of your energy, that means huge savings on your electric bill.

    You'll also save on maintenance. The parts are simple and easy to replace. They don't have any special electrical or installation requirements either.

    Let's consider the professionals.

    Data centers have massive cooling requirements and costs to go with them. There's a good reason companies are trending towards evaporative cooling.

    2. These Systems Are Environmentally Friendly -- Inside and Out

    HVAC systems use refrigerants like CFCs, which emit greenhouse gas. Evaporative cooling uses pure water as its cooling agent.

    Their carbon impact is zero.

    Some are skeptical about the true cooling power of H2O. After all, commercial refrigerants are chemically designed to perform. But according to David Kluas, director of marketing for large cooling systems at Emerson Network Power:

    "[Evaporative] units save operating costs by using outside air and the evaporation of water to provide the desired supply temperature throughout most, if not all, hours of the year."

    The interior of the home will enjoy environmental benefits as well. These systems use moist pads, which are highly effective at filtering dust and pollen.

    Unlike refrigerants, the moist pads a very cheap to replace.

    They naturally add moisture to the air as well. Moisture is good for residents as well as wood and fabrics. The environmental benefits go both ways.

    3. These Systems Are Easy to Transport and Deploy

    Commercial building requires scalable resources. Imagine easily deploying these cooling systems for all your projects. Using this technology at scale will dramatically cut costs and labor for your business.

    Perhaps you're a resident on the move. Convenient evaporative window units help you bypass HVAC systems or get along without one altogether.

    You can take ownership of your low cost, environmentally friendly solution.

    Get Started Today

    Colbycool is available to answer your questions. We can quickly get you started on your first system.

    Contact us now for a free quote or to speak with a professional today.

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  • 4 Cool Benefits of a Ducted Reverse Cycle Split System

    20 Nov

    By Coleman Levin

    4 Cool Benefits of a Ducted Reverse Cycle Split System

    When it comes to choosing a cooling system for your home, it can be hard to know which one will suit your needs best. But one cooling system stands above the rest: A ducted reverse cycle split system.

    You're probably wondering, "What's a ducted reverse cycle split system?" Or, "Why should I pick it instead of other options?" Keep reading to learn four cool benefits this type of system you can't afford to miss! And when you're ready, make sure to get in touch with Melbourne air conditioning experts at Colby Cool! 

    What Is This System Exactly?

    A reverse cycle split system consists of one main unit installed in the roof, which is powered by a compressor on the outside of the home. It works by pumping the heat from one place to another. It's designed with a refrigerant that cools or warms the air that's drawn inside, so it can be used for both cooling and heating.

    The unit is usually connected to a series of vents within a house via ductworks. These units provide even heat during the winter and refreshingly cool air during the summer, all from the same outlets. It can also be set up to operate in different zones, which saves money and energy!

    Benefits of a Ducted Reverse Cycle System

    1. It's an Energy-Efficient Option

    This system takes hot air from the outside, passes it through a refrigerant, and then amplifies the heat with a coil system as it blows it into the house. Essentially, what this does is recycle heat, which makes it an energy-efficient option.

    With this system, you can save as much 31% on your energy and gas bills, which means it's both an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

    2. It's Usually a Discreet System

    These systems aren't like your standard ones that serve as an eyesore in your space. They're tucked behind ceilings and walls, which makes them both effective and unobtrusive.

    It is important to note that these systems can be more expensive to install, so you should plan for payment options beforehand if necessary.

    3. It Maintains an Even Temperature throughout the House

    What's great about this system is that it services the entire house and provides even, consistent temperature throughout it. This eliminates drafts or rooms that heat up due to prominent sunlight.

    It's important to know that while it can provide even heat, you can also adjust the temperature so that not all rooms are the same. Most systems also let you divide your home into zones, so you can turn it on only for the parts of the house you want to be warmed or cooled.

    4. It's Quiet!

    Gone are the days of loud air conditioners that keep you up all night with their constant whirring. These systems so quiet and effective you'll barely notice they're there.

    Final Thoughts on Ducted Reverse Cycle Split Systems

    These systems may be more expensive than other air conditioner options, but they can't be beaten! They provide energy-efficient heating and cooling and do it in a way that ultimately saves you money on your energy bills. Talk about a win!

    Want to talk to an expert in Hallam cooling systems? Contact us today!


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  • Home News Victoria News JANUARY 12 2017 SAVE PRINT LICENSE ARTICLE Don't touch that dial: CFA warns over evaporative cooling in wake of house fires

    13 Jan

    By Coleman Levin

    Home News Victoria News JANUARY 12 2017 SAVE PRINT LICENSE ARTICLE Don't touch that dial: CFA warns over evaporative cooling in wake of house fires

    Home owners are being urged to check their evaporative coolers after the devices caused house fires at four properties in outer Melbourne suburbs over the weekend.
    The Country Fire Authority said it was able to contain all four fires at the cooling units before they spread through the homes.

    However, it warned, such fires have the potential to cause extensive damage.
    With Victoria's weather due to heat up next week, reaching 38 degrees in Melbourne on Tuesday, the CFA is urging residents to get their evaporative coolers serviced.
    In fact, the CFA recommends evaporative coolers be checked yearly for both cost and safety reasons – to ensure they are operating optimally and do not present problems that could cause an electrical fault or fire.
    "People should maintain their air conditioners and evaporative coolers by ensuring the dust filters and vent outlets inside the properties are cleaned regularly," said CFA state fire investigation co-ordinator Nicole Harvey.
    They should also have the "units regularly serviced according to the manufacturer's specifications".

    Ms Harvey advised residents to check product safety recalls online to ensure their systems are not among those items with known faults.
    Victoria's Director of Energy Safety, Paul Fearon, reiterated this message.
    "Regular maintenance not only allows manufacturer's upgrades and adjustments to be made, it ensures your air conditioner or evaporative cooler will be working safely and efficiently when you need it most," Mr Fearon said.
    "Annual servicing of cooling appliances can also help to identify problems that could cause an electrical fault or fire."
    "This year, Victoria's fire services have already responded to a number of fires caused by these appliances and we don't want to see any more this summer."

    CFA investigators are conducting further enquiries into the exact origin and cause of the cooling unit fires over the weekend.
    A spokeswoman for the CFA would not identify the brand or brands of the units, but said the authority might release this information upon completion of the investigation.

    Source: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/dont-touch-that-dial-cfa-warns-over-evaporative-cooling-in-wake-of-house-fires-20170112-gtq0p0

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