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More unusual weather up ahead for Melbourne

8 April 2013
By Coleman Levin
More unusual weather up ahead for Melbourne

After March being one of Melbourne's hottest in more than 70 years and a cool change to kick off April, Melbourne is in for some more unusual weather conditions.

Forecasters believe that over the next three months we will experience dryer and warmer than average weather state-wide. This week the weather is looking decent with temperatures sitting between the low to mid-twenties and for the most part the rain should hold off for the remainder of the school holidays.

It feels as though we've had an extended summer with a late start to Autumn, usually by now the weather has settled a bit but meteorologist Brett Dutschke says that the weather will continue to be a bit all over the place "As we head into autumn, normally the weather settles a bit, but that's not to say you can't have strong low-pressure systems coming off the Southern Ocean and delivering large amounts of rainfall."

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