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Melbourne winter? It's feeling more like Sydney's

30 July 2013
By Coleman Levin
Melbourne Weather

So far this winter there’s been less need to head up north to get away from Melbourne’s winter with our weather this season resembling more of that of Sydney’s July temperatures. Luckily, according to Weatherzone, the worst of the cold is just about over.

Rob Sharpe, a meteorologist for Weatherzone said “For Melbourne to be averaging what Sydney typically averages is quite strange.”

The average temperature for Melbourne is currently running at 15.9 degrees for this month, just under Sydney’s usual 16.3 degrees.

Both Melbourne and Sydney are on track to achieving record average maximums for July, being about 2 degrees above average. To add to the weird and wonderful weather, it turns out both cities will record a warmer July than June.

On Thursday the 18th, July set a record maximum of 23.3 degrees, whilst Sydney has had 12 July days above 20 degrees, trumping the previous record of 10.

Weather experts say, however, that the monthly records are a result of the lack of cold fronts.
“The stand out has been the lack of cold days rather than warm ones,” Blair Trewin, senior climatologist at the Bureau of Meteorology, said.

Having said that, the cold snap we experienced a couple of weeks back is likely to have been the worst for the season.

With the days having been relatively warm, the nights have also been fairly mild. So far in July the minimums for Melbourne have been running at an average of 8.5 degrees, just slightly higher than the record high set in 1975 of 8.4 degrees. Sydney has also been experiencing above average lows.

The mild weather this winter has contributed to the above-average national warmth, with hot spells having appeared across the country approximately every six weeks since November last year.

Next month both Melbourne and Sydney can expect to see near or above-average temperatures as winter allows for spring.

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Picture: Steven Howard


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