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Melbourne chilling bones as morning temperatures drop

9 July 2013
By Coleman Levin
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Melbourne has experienced its coldest winter morning so far for the year and Ballarat has had an even chillier one.

Overnight, the mercury dropped to a low 3.2 in Melbourne’s CBD.

Richard Russell, Bureau duty forecaster said “Yes it’s cold but it’s a standard winter morning.”

It is expected that Melbourne will be reaching the mid-teens between today and Thursday and then creeping up to 15 from Thursday through to Sunday.

The weather is expected to be pleasant up until Thursday, however cloud and rain is predicted from Friday onwards.

The mornings will continue to be cold in spite of the sunshine over the next couple of days.

Whilst we think we’re cold in Melbourne, Ballarat has had its coldest morning in almost 10 years, dropping to a freezing minus 4.3 degrees at 7.19am.

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