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March fell just shy of a Melbourne weather record!

3 April 2013
By Coleman Levin
Autumnmel Bourne

Who could forget the run of extremely hot days at the beginning of March? Melbourne had nine consecutive days over the 30 degree mark and was well underway to achieving the highest recorded average temperature for March in over 70 years. However, the end of the month brought in much cooler weather causing the average temperature to be 27.8 C, just 1.1 degree lower than the record set in 1940.

Senior forecaster Rod Dickson, Bureau of Meteorology said that "We had records broken in the first half of the month when we had nine days greater than 30 degrees, but it wasn't enough." The average temperature for March is 23.9 degrees, so March this year was still considerably warmer having an average of almost 4 degrees higher.

It seems as though Melbourne has an Indian summer ahead with temperatures set to rise to 28 C this weekend. After this however Mr Dickson said it is common to have some warmer days at the beginning of April followed by cold bursts in the second half of the month. April's hottest temperature was in 1938 when the mercury rose to 34.9 C.

Mr Dickson said "We can get into the low thirties in the first half of April, but after the second half 30 [degree] days are pretty rare." The most recent day in April over 30 C was in 2010 on the 22nd when the temperature hit 30.1 degrees. April will be considerably cooler than March was, with the average temperature for April being 20.3 C.

According to Mr Dickson, over the next three months Melbournians can expect warmer maximum temperatures during the day but colder minimum temperatures overnight. April to June are expected to be warmer than average, easing into winter and taking that cold bite off its first month.


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