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Choosing the Right Heating System

6 November 2013
By Coleman Levin
Choosing the Right Heating System
Everybody wants to be comfortable in their own home and depending on your location, you’ll want an appropriate heating system that suits your needs. Be aware, not all heating systems are created equal; some are more efficient than others and the efficiency can also vary between models of the same type. There are several things you should know before installing a new heating system to ensure you get the best unit for your space and at the best value.

So, what heating system is right for you? There are different types of heating systems from electric and gas central heating technology. All have energy efficient and eco-friendly options available. Before you buy a heating system, below are some considerations to help to choose the right one:


What size heating system should you get? This will also depend on the following factors:

  • The size of your home
  • The number of windows in your home
  • Your home’s insulation
  • Your location, climate and environment

Choosing the right size is important for energy efficiencies and to achieve the correct level of heating. You can also consult with your experienced technician to find out the exact size system needed for your home. 


Energy efficient heating systems can save you a lot off your heating bill if you ensure proper maintenance. The features to look for include, searching for a furnace with high (Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency) AFUE percentage which allows you to determine the heating system’s efficiency and consider speed blowers on heating systems for further energy savings.


If you're on a tight budget when selecting a new heating system its important to narrow down to the essentials you're after. This will help to find a system to suit you and your family.
Usually, extending your existing system or adding a smaller area heater may be the least expensive option. Alternatively, if you'd like to explore the options at the other end of the spectrum, narrowing down the essentials doesn't play as a bigger part- options can be endless.


Before you install a heating system, measure the room and the volume of spaces in your home. This will help the technicians determine the amount of power the system will need.

When you buy a heating system, go over your individual heating needs and choose the best product that will suit your budget. If you want lower electricity bills and greater efficiency, choose a Gas Ducted Heating System. A little less efficient are the wall hung Reverse Cycle Split Systems.

Remember, before making any decision, check to make sure the heating system you wish to buy fits your home, if its the right size and voltage, and you’ve researched and educated yourself prior to making a purchase.


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