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A return to summer bringing a hot weekend to Melbourne!

20 February 2013
By Coleman Levin
Blue Water

It always seems to be the way that Monday through to Friday bring gorgeous sunny days to Melbourne, and by the time we have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather the sun has gone down and we've missed out. Then comes the weekend when we're looking forward to finally enduring some fun in the sun and we're hit with either rain, clouds, wind or just straight up cold weather.

Well all that is about to change! Finally Melbourne residents have a hot weekend coming up to enjoy, with BOTH Saturday and Sunday reaching the mid-thirties. Friday kicks off the warm weather with a top of 31C, however will bring a bit of rain and possibly storms. By Saturday the rains are clearing up and will reach a top of 34C with Sunday being similar to Saturday reaching 35C.

Go have a surf or take the kids to the pool! Make sure to keep shaded and to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you're inside ensure that you have had your air conditioner looked at so it is running efficiently to keep you and your family from suffering the heat.

Enjoy the weekend weather but don't forget to look after yourself throughout the extreme hot weather! Make sure your cooling system is well maintained for a smooth and economical air conditioning solution.


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