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3 Reasons Why You Need an Evaporative Cooling System

4 December 2017
By Coleman Levin
3 Reasons Why You Need an Evaporative Cooling System


Reverse Cycle Systems suck up about 40% of energy in residential and commercial buildings. Doesn't your home or business deserve better? Take a look at how professionals use evaporative cooling to cut costs and more.

Evaporative systems are not complex in principle. They use the cooling properties of evaporating water. As water converts to gas, it burns its heat as energy.

The result is cooler water vapor.

It's simple. And yet, it's being used to cool the most advanced data centers in the world.

These systems have dozens of other commercial applications as well.

Facilities such as loading docks and greenhouses have been using these systems for years. They've proven to be dependable and low maintenance solutions. They're environmentally friendly, inside and out.

Their commercial success is your benefit. Interested in an effective and affordable way to cool your home?

Let's go over the benefits.

Adopt an Evaporative Cooling System for Your Home

Whether you're constructing a home or updating a home of your own, there are three key reasons to adopt this technology. We'll compare evaporative systems with standard reverse cycle systems.

You'll understand the benefits along the way.

1. You Will Save a Lot of Money

Saving money is the most practical benefit. It uses far less electricity than a reverse cycle system. If reverse cycle systems use 40% of your energy, that means huge savings on your electric bill.

You'll also save on maintenance. The parts are simple and easy to replace. They don't have any special electrical or installation requirements either.

Let's consider the professionals.

Data centers have massive cooling requirements and costs to go with them. There's a good reason companies are trending towards evaporative cooling.

2. These Systems Are Environmentally Friendly -- Inside and Out

Reverse cycle systems use refrigerants like CFCs, which emit greenhouse gas. Evaporative cooling uses pure water as its cooling agent.

Their carbon impact is zero.

Some are skeptical about the true cooling power of H2O. After all, commercial refrigerants are chemically designed to perform. But according to David Kluas, director of marketing for large cooling systems at Emerson Network Power:

"[Evaporative] units save operating costs by using outside air and the evaporation of water to provide the desired supply temperature throughout most, if not all, hours of the year."

The interior of the home will enjoy environmental benefits as well. These systems use moist pads, which are highly effective at filtering dust and pollen.

Unlike refrigerants, the moist pads a very cheap to replace.

They naturally add moisture to the air as well. Moisture is good for residents as well as wood and fabrics. The environmental benefits go both ways.

3. These Systems Are Easy to Transport and Deploy

Commercial building requires scalable resources. Imagine easily deploying these cooling systems for all your projects. Using this technology at scale will dramatically cut costs and labor for your business.

Perhaps you're a resident on the move. Convenient evaporative window units help you bypass reverse cycle systems or get along without one altogether.

You can take ownership of your low cost, environmentally friendly solution.

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