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    Firefighters in Action

    18 Feb


    Warning sparked after multiple air conditioner fires

    Two air conditioner fires have occurred in the country so far this year. That's two too many.

    Electrical faults and overheating of systems cause air conditioners to catch fire, these fires are extremely dangerous and create damage that is non-repairable. On January 23rd this year, a house fire in Adelaide was caused by an electrical fault which resulted in $300, 000 worth of damage and took 50 minutes and 22 fire fighters to extinguish it.

    Last summer there were 11 fires caused by air conditioners and it needs to be prevented for the remainder of this summer. Glenn Benham from the Metropolitan Fire Service in South Australia where the Adelaide fire occurred said,

    "Our idea is that you should have someone come out and service the air conditioner before you start to crank it up and use it through summer."

    "If water pumps have corroded over winter and you go to use them, if they seize up or burn out then you can end up with a fire quite quickly."

    "The nature of ducted air conditioning is that if you have a fire, the fan is pushing that fire down through the ducts into pretty much every room in the house, so you can have a fire spread through a house very quickly."

    He also advised that air conditioners be given a rest between usage in order for them cool down.


    If you haven't had your air conditioner serviced regularly or recently you are at risk to a fire starting, particularly in this extreme heat. Give Colbycool a call on 9796 1444 and book a service for the safety of your home.

    Picture: Matt Hayes


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